Anne Hathaway’s Rap Song

Oh Anne Hathaway

It’s always great to see an actress with class who shows swearing and active techniques in her personality!

Anne was on Conan O’Brien last night, and she was talking about how the paprazzi makes her life pretty much hell while she’s trying to work. She mentioned that she there’s no point in cussing any of them out because they treat actors like they’re not even human.

So Anne likes to vent her feelings by making up song lyrics…but in this case, it’s with rap…more specifically, in the style of Lil Wayne!

Check out the video! Anne Hathaway has such great gestures in her rap song! She uses raunchy hand gestures and a strong, eerie voice!


See, we aren’t the only one who hates the paparazzi. -StarzUncut

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