Anne Hathaway Mooned Her Co-Star!


So remember how we said that we like how Anne Hathaway is classy even though she swears and possesses active techniques??

Well, it looks like we love Anne just a little bit more because of that! She admitted to TODAY’s Matt Lauer that she MOONED Jim Sturgess when they were in Scotland filming “One Day!”

They were in between takes, and she decided “to be a little naughty and go for it” (in her words haha). Some guy even gave a thumbs-up over it! LOL!

It was probably hilarious! And it doesn’t really sound like a big deal since she already went naked in “Love and Other Drugs.” So she kind of mooned AND flashed the world already!

She also mentioned that she’s been mooned before, but she decided to be the mooner instead of the moonee.

Anne also mentioned her version of Catwoman! The difference between this Catwoman and all the other Catwomen is that Anne’s Catwoman is in the perspective of Christopher Nolan and the others…aren’t,

But Anne was very courteous, and said that the movie will be here before we know it.

Oh Anne…so classy! Even if you do pull boyish pranks. :)

We can’t wait to see your star on the Walk of Fame soon! -StarzUncut

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