Jennifer Garner Pregnant Again


Oh my goodness!

Did you all hear about Jennifer Garner? She’s pregnant again!

This will be her and Ben Affleck’s third child. The couple have two adorable daughters, and one more child will join them!

I’m kind of hoping it’ll be a boy…it would be nice for a change, but if it’s a girl, then maybe Ben was really meant to be a ladies man. lolz!

It’s also great that Ben and Jennifer are still married after so many years. I remember the list of top 10 celebrity couples this year, and it said that these two seem to really know how to keep a stable career as well as raising a family. I agree with this a lot because they’re both A-list actors, but they’re not making movies TOO constantly.

Another cool thing is that they’re both about to hit 40! It’s awesome when couples can still continue to start over no matter the age.


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