Ghostbusters 3 Is Back In Action!



It looks like we’re going to see some more sequels soon. And it’ll be aonctinuous stories that take us back to being a kid!

First it was “Scream,” then “Austin Powers.” Now who ya gonna call?!


Dan Aykroyd was on “The Dennis Miller Show” when he revealed that there will be a “Ghostbusters 3!” He said they might start shooting this spring…so that means the movie probably won’t be out for like a year and a half, but at least it’s coming!

No word has been said if Bill Murray will be in it, but Dan and the gang are hoping he will! It just won’t be the same without him…

It also looks like some new characters will be added to the cast. According to Dan, the plot is supposed to center on the main characters being unable to bust ghosts since it’s kind of out of their system now…so they decide to find some people to help them out.

Sounds great! Thanks for the info, Dan! The fans are thrilled to the max!

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