Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Move In Together


Yo StarzUncut!

It’s official! Jennifer Aniston is pregnant!

No I’m totally kidding!

But she and Justin Theroux have moved in together, which is new and exciting.

They rented a two-bedroom house in Hollywood. It looks like they’ve got plenty of money to make room for both of them since Jennifer sold her mansion in Beverly Hills for $38 million!

Now she and Justin have taken the next step!

So no pregnancy…yet?

Here’s what a source said about Justin and kids:

“He’d make an excellent father. Since he’s a screenwriter, he could work from home and take care of a kid.”

Well that would just be too convenient! So hopefully we’ll hear some real baby news soon.

It will not be on the cover of any magazine because I assure you that I will be the one posting it first!

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