Parents Name Their Kids “Lady Gaga” And “Will.I.Am”



Hey Starz!

A British guy decided to name his daughter, Meggie Maisie Lady Gaga.

No need for a double take.

Lady Gaga is part of the girl’s full name.

If that’s not weird enough, he’s also going to name his son Tommy Will.I.Am!

The man named Ian Clark got the ideas from his first daughter. She suggested naming the next kids after famous pop stars and rappers.

But he couldn’t have named his next daughter Stefani? Or Angelina, which are both part of Gaga’s real name? And he couldn’t have named his son whatever Will.I.Am’s first name is?

The mom who’s pregnant with the son isn’t liking this, but Daddy seems pretty determined.

I just thought that was really strange…to give stage musician names to your kids.

And I thought it was weird when the parents named their daughter “Like” after facebook…

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