VMA’s Tonight!


Hey Starz!!!!


The VMA’s are on tonight!

The exciting thing about the VMA’s is all the shock that comes out of it!!!

So many memorable and strange occurences have happened on this night!

It’s like it’ll never stop! Hahaha!

Some moments include when Britney Spears performed with a tiger and had a snake wrapped around her shoulders. She also performed “Oops! I Did it Again” in a see-through outfit. She also performed that hideous rendition of “Gimme More” that was her first performance in like 5 years or something. And remember when she, Madonna, and Christina Aguilera had that three-way makeout?

Haha good times…

There is also of course when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech, which left him hated ever since.

And remember when Rose McGowan wore that fishnet outfit?! Yeah that was kind of random and…kind of trashy.

Speaking of outfits, what about Miss Lady Gaga??? She wore that sack of meat around her one year, and splattered blood all over herself in her performance of “Paparazzi.”

So what do you all think will happen tonight? We might find something amazing and brand new in pop culture!

Guess we’ll see what Starz will post!

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