Chris Brown Gives A Wow Performance At The VMA’s

Hi there Starz.

Did you see Chris Brown‘s performance at the VMA’s last night?

It was actually pretty amazing.

Of course I am not a Chris Brown fan at all. I think he’s seriously one of the most vile celebrities, and an embarassment to humanity.

But as a performer, he really knows how to keep his audience entertained (or at least his choreographer does).

His performance included a fun, dancey, techno song where he did some fun moves on the floor, then soared to the ceiling (literally!).

He flew around the whole auditorium while the music was going, doing flips and extra dance moves in the air.

And when he landed, he didn’t have to regain his balance because he landed solidly yet gracefully on his feet, and did some more dance moves.

So yeah. Great performance.

It doesn’t change who he is as a person, but at least he can show talent.

P.S. Did anyone notice how Jay-Z didn’t clap? TMZ says that he’s the one who discovered Rihanna….

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