Angelina Jolie Exposes Secret- “I Have No Secrets”


Hey Starz!!!

Here’s some Angelina Jolie news…well sort of…

The big news is that there isn’t any…

She has no secret wedding, no pregnancy, and isn’t adopting anytime soon.

She opened herself up in “Vanity Fair,” saying that there are no secrets, and she has “never felt so exposed.”

Kind of ironic when you think about it…

She also talked about “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” the film she directed. She said that she had such a great time with it that her beau, Brad Pitt thinks she’ll be a nightmare in her acting career!

Angelina said that he means this in a loving way of course.

So Angelina seems to be pretty happy with her life right now.

So let’s not get carried away with any marriage or baby plans right now.

Patience is a virtue. -StarzUncut

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