Austin Powers Actor Convicted Of Torturing A Woman





Remember the guy who played Random Task in Austin Powers? He’s one of Dr. Evil’s villainous assistants…the one who would throw the show, then at the end, Austin uses the crotch enlarger thing to fight him off?

His name is Joe Son. Yeah well, he was just convicted of torture, facing 15 years to life in prison.

This is because 20 years ago, he and another guy raped a woman repeatedly. They also did some other terrible acts to her, including assaulted gun threats.

They ended up letting her go, which led to the two of them getting caught. But since there weren’t enough leads, the conviction didn’t happen right away. And apparently Joe Son tried to fight his charges so it’s likely he’ll be in jail for a longer time.

Aw boo-hoo. I’m just glad he’s getting what he deserves.

This horrible incident happened before Austin Powers came out. How scary must that have been to have him as a villain?!

Pretty scary! -StarzUncut

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