Daryl Hannah Arrested!



Daryl Hannah was arrested today- right in front of the White House!

Apparently, she was protesting against an oil pipeline that was going to be constructed from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

The cops came and asked her and a bunch of other protesters to move. They refused so they all got taken away!

Daryl was released on a fairly cheap fine, but it’s still a pretty big deal…mainly because it’s all over the news, and because it was the White House.

But Daryl Hannah has been doing protests for years where she had some other mishaps happen so hopefully what she’s doing is worth it.

She must really care about being an activist. Considering that it was a simple arrest with a small fine, she probably thinks it was worth it just to help out.

But let’s hope that she stays out of trouble for a while…we don’t want to see her behind bars for longer than a few hours…

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