Adele Singing 007 Theme???


Hey Starz.

Just a warning- don’t be shocked if you hear Adele sing the next James Bond theme!

Adele was talking to the TV host, Jonathan Ross, and he asked her what she’ll be doing with upcoming work. Adele said she’d in the recording studio…then she let out something important:

“It is actually a theme, what I’ve got to do. Wow, that’s really giving something away!”

I’ll say it is! Especially since she put her hand over her mouth while John hummed the 007 theme! That would be so great if Adele sang the new theme! It would sound so amazing, and what a boost it would be for her career!

She’d be on the same page as Alicia Keys, Jack White, Madonna…and Paul McCartney!

Our hopes are up, Adele! You can’t back out now! -StarzUncut

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