Eddie Murphy Hosting The Oscars?


Wow Starz! Wow!

Looks like we know who our new host will be at the Oscars in six months! At least we ‘likely’ know.

Eddie Murphy is first in line to emcee the big night!

Guess we’ll see what Academy president, Tom Sherak says. One of the Oscar producers is putting in Eddie’s name at the academy, and now we just need to wait on an answer.

I’m not so sure how I feel about this though. Eddie Murphy could probably make the show fun…and he has been nominated for an Oscar when he did “Dreamgirls.” But he also did “Norbit.”

That’s kind of a big downer.

He wouldn’t have been my main choice, but I’m sure he’ll have more energy than last year’s hosts!

No offense, Anne and James…no offense.

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