Miley Cyrus- “I’m Not That Big On LA”



Miley Cyrus is on the cover of “Prestige” with a caption titled: “I’m not a bad girl.”

I can honestly say I do not find that surprising.

Miley did give some pretty interesting quotes though. It turns out she’s not as LA bound as some may think.

“I’m not a big fan of L.A.,” said Miley. “I’ve got to be honest. I like being able to work here, but any chance to go back home, I love it.”

People really take life for granted in California. It makes me sad sometimes. So I have to give myself that reality check every once in a while and go back home. Everyone in L.A. is so busy and everyone is trying to be better than the other person, and everyone has got so much going on. Nashville life is just so laid back and people enjoy every second of life that they have.”

“The press seems to think that I’m trying to make this big turn and become a bad girl, and really I’m trying to be more connected with the Earth, Either I’m a great role model or I’m completely inappropriate for anyone under 13 and I am controversial … There was this magazine article the other day, showing all the younger celebrities. I was the ‘girl next door’ or whatever, and I fell under the category of ‘good girl gone bad.’ And I was like, ‘What the hell, man?’”

What the hell indeed! Miley never really struck me as a good girl gone bad…I mean, she might be able to be a good girl ‘trying’ to go bad…

But it’s nice that she’s got some integrity. She also seems like a pretty humble person by promoting her hometown versus her work town.

Especially since she’s in the spotlight at such a young age!

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