“Austin Powers” Actor Sentenced To Life In Prison


Hey Starz.

Just wanted to let you know that that evil man who played Random Task in “Austin Powers” has been sentenced to life in prison after committing a felony torture on Christmas Eve 20 years ago.

He deserves every second of it!!!

I do not understand how someone can be so awful as to brutally gang rape and sodomize someone.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the other guy involved, but hopefully he’ll receive the same deserving punishment.

It looks like the “Austin Powers” guy (Joseph Hyungmin Son) might be eligible for parole though for some reason.

Here’s what the anonymous victim had to say:

“My emotional scars are intense. My twenties were stripped from my life as I relearned how to walk, see, hear and cope with the outside world again.
Joseph Son not only cost me my job at my salon but also my college savings … not to mention the impact it’s made on celebrating Christmas year after year.”

I seriously cannot imagine how awful these years must have been for her.

I’m actually suprised it took so long for him to finally go to prison!

My heart and thoughts go out to this victim forever and ever.

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