Justin Bieber Wants To Be A Young Dad


Whattup StarzUncut!

Justin Bieber is already talking about his future that involves marriage and kids!

He said that he wants to be married by the time he’s 25, and have kids of his own around that age.

He actually said, “I want to be a young dad.”

He’s not looking into getting married NOW, but 25 looks like it’s a fo-sho!

Well, he’s got about eight more years to live his life then! He better start enjoying the non-married and kid life now before he has to settle with a new life!

But then again, he might feel that marriage and kids will actually ‘begin’ his life…

It would be frickin adorable if he and Selena Gomez got married! It would be sooo meant to be!

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  • Aliciastarz122

    :( Really Justin,I’ve Never Met You,Please Don’t Get Married With Selena,LOL,YOu Love Her,But Wat About Your Fans?