Cyndi Lauper Flubs National Anthem

Ooohhh, Cyndi Lauper… America hates you now!

Cyndi completely made a fool out of herself during the 9/11 commemoration. She was singing our national anthem when she totally loused up the lyrics!!!

Seriously! How is it possible to not have those words memorized by now??? And especially when you’re performing in memory of 9/11…god, that’s just…embarrassing… and kind of shameful… and I thought Christina Aguilera made a fool of herself at the Superbowl…

Can someone PLEASE tell me why they’re choosing singers to perform our national anthem who don’t even know the words to it?! It’s called practice, singers! If you didn’t learn the song in first grade, then learn it BEFORE YOU PERFORM IT ON STAGE!!!!

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