Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos Leaked



Starzuncut, I have been a long time fan!

So, nude pictures just leaked of actress Scarlett Johansson. I wonder what she could have possibly been thinking, she has an image to protect. Although I have to admit she looks absolutely beautiful!


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  • jerby rocx

    wow shes really hot.

    • Westside Oldschool

      She’s a beautiful woman. The pictures are classy and tasteful, nothing to be ashamed of.

      • Bubba

        I agree.

      • Playragz


  • Loco_73

    She is beautiful and has nothing to be ashamed of from what I can see…but I do understand the whole issue being brought up surrounding her privacy. Still, all these celebs should learn, if you don’t want naked pics of you hitting the internet then STOP taking them, especially with you cellphone!

    • Devdev100

      I agree with much of your sentiment regarding her right to privacy. I do, however, believe that celebrities do not automatically give up their right to privacy because we are all fascinated with what they do and their lives in general. Clearly, mainy celebrities crave fame and notoriety – in whatever form. But Scarlett Johannson should have the right to take pictures of herself with her private property and be assured that they can remain private if she wishes. Blaming her for the illegal actions of others, no matter how commonly they occur, seems wrong to me.

  • Karl Hungus

    she looks homely. and her face isnt even very hot.

    • Tkahle2

      fuck you karl hungus you should rot in hell for ur stupidity she has the best ass ever and has tits of a godess. u should suck a dick cuz u are clearly gay. i hope ur asshole is big enough for some big ole cock.

      • Wolfs_rain72797

        I like how you berate this person for his fucking opinion. You sir are a pompous ass with a blatant disregard for other people. Have a nice day, prick.

        • Zack

          And you sir are a cock-hungry idiot.

        • Moedogger21


          • jjames

             you guys are fucked!!!! make me laugh out loud! how you people turn shit is unreal!devdev has a great fucking point…so why dont “you fags” just take the criticsm and move on with the talk.  

          • Demon X

            You doing the same thing Moedoogger shitstain dumbass!!!

          • Randy

            Calm down tiger dont hurt yourself

        • Demon X

          Wolfs_rain you sir is the major pompous ass you have a nice day shitstain asshole!

        • Randy

          Its funny because you guys are probably all 12 year old kids who delete their history after looking at this page

      • Garfield

        He is just saying her face isn’t very attractive he said nothing of her body.

        • Mad_libby

          Yeah, but clearly anyone who thinks her face is ugly is a retard.

          • Dancer83

            clearly anyone who can’t accept other’s opinions is a retard….(you)

          • Demon X

            I can accept your opinion because your a major dumbass.

      • Ivy2223503

        Hey beauty is in the eye of the beholder …just cus Somone does not think she has a hot face it does not make them gay….I agree u r a dick for posting such things because Somone does not agree with you.

        • Rob B

          Wrong, if you don’t think she’s hot, you’re gay.. period.

          • Ivy2223503

            No ur wrong !!!!!!! Any guy who disagrees with u is NOT gay. Besides a gay man would’nt be online looking up leaked nude photos of her anyway u idiot. I suspose they would be looking up cocks or somthing . I saw a flaming gay man go on and on about how hot Megan fox was in the movie jennifers body……it was Megan fox tho and let’s face it Scarlett Johansson is no megan fox.

      • Yy

        true that fag does not not know what a PERFECT WOMAN LOOKS LIKE

    • Leeharakas

      You are a dumb ass moron!!! She is a classic beaty!!

    • Gaydar

      ^ total queer

    • Phil_Macok

      I agree with Karl. After hearing all the hype I was expecting to be blown away. What a complete disappointment! I’ve seen hotter chicks walking around in Walmart.

      • Rob B

        You must be a chubby chaser.

        • Lawhun

          i normally am til i saw this……

  • John

    “The only bad publicity is when they get your name wrong.”

    If you think this was an unfortunate circumstance for the edible Ms. Johansson, post your mailing address here and I will personally mail you a dunce cap. You need it.

  • Jdv14476

    This is what you get for going with flow of a society that has lost all morallity

  • Robertgraham61


    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!


    She is absolutely perfect, feminine, a sculpted booty, tets of an angel, I just wonder, how she could take herself a pic looking down and the image in the mirror shows her looking up? A godess can do anything, right?

    • Footballgod_77

      her eyes are looking down not her head. unless you can see through the back of her head in the mirror view, you can’t see her eyes. If she said the pics were hers from her phone and is fighting to get them back, I would guess they are real. All I have to say is, if you don’t want your pictures out there, don’t take them on your phone. That is what a real camera is for.

  • Galen078

    She doesn’t even have a penis 8-(

  • Chelsealovesryanreynolds

    i have way better tits than her. does that mean ryan reynolds will marry me?

    • Matt

      Let us be the judge, flip them bad boys out!

    • Bohmbeem

      Yea y dont u let us be the buddy said. Flip em out lol

    • Ricky

      then show us,  then we will decide u got better or nothing…

  • HornyKidd

    I would cum all over dat ass

  • BlackwellL71

    Hell yea,she has an ass to die for….

  • Lovesthepussy

    I would eat her asshole at the drop of a dime.

  • Dude1103

    I want to see the bush…

  • Harold_1991

    She is not that hot, any guy drooling over her is just fucking stupid :|

    • Gaydar

      and you’re gay

    • Mycamaro6709

      Fuck u harold she’s hot she is even hotter in iron man 2 ur just gay and need counsoling ik a black man named bubbles that can cure gay

  • Worthyone2

    ok but not great just ordenary.

  • Kissmyarsz

    totally agree, homely and it’s like she never finished developing..its creepy.

  • President

    those were stolen from her phone

  • Bonscott42

    fuck that fat ass

  • PC

    Boobs are too small for it to be her, its a lookalike.

  • Brainframed

    Those are the sexiest shoulderblades I’ve seen in a while.. girls rockin’. I’d make her my millionette in a heartbeat!

  • Gaydar

    karl you’re gay

  • Moybueno1

    Some of you people commenting here most likely have no girlfriends. The existence of your life’s is sitting in front of the computer masturbating. Some of the comments are for sure rookie in origin and the guy’s would not know what to do with a beautiful pussy in their face. You fuck nuts are tools..Get to the all night arcade and add your life to the sticky floors!!

  • Md5son

    I feel terribly bad for her. Had she wanted these pictures on the Internet she would have put them up herself. Besides, it’s not like it’s unheard of to take naked pictures on your phone. I’ve done it, I’m sure everyone’s done it. It just sucks that people, including myself, who don’t even know who she really is, get to see this personal and private side of her. I would be heart broken if I were her. Weather you think she is beautiful or not, she doesn’t deserve some blog commentary on her private life. It’s just sad.

    • Aaaa

      whatever…If it’s on her e-mail than it’s on the internet. She a slut and deserves what she gets.

      • BOBWALL


      • Ijsksdjs


      • md5son

        If having these pictures on the internet makes her a slut, then obviously it makes you a pervert for looking at them… Ignorant piece of shit.  

  • Snowman55s

    holy crap.she is amazing

  • Tungzten_arrow

    people, she’s naked. get over it. don’t be too dramatic.

  • RealNigga

    Dis bitch be uglie as fuck I’s wuldnt tuoch that wit a nudder niggas dik

  • Smith_david_robert

    hope the person who leaked this suffers more, prick

  • T_P_L

    And there was many fap.

  • Gigantuous_Guy

    She’s a slut pure and simple! She sucked Benicio Del Toro’s dick in an elevator – a glass elevator to boot – or so I heard so it was only a matter of time until she pulled a Rhianna and took self-shots of herself naked. She’s got a pretty decent body, I’ll give her that, but, overall, I’ve seen better and MUCH BETTER at that!!!

  • doesnt_give_a_phuck

    who gives a shit…maybe she’ll be in a porn soon

  • Westside Oldschool

    Wow, some of you guys really need to get a life. She’s a gorgeous woman and the pictures are sexy but tasteful. It sucks for her that they went public without her consent but it’s definitely nothing for her to be embarrassed about.

  • Ric Cotter

    Well other than the being hacked part,whats the big deal? So what’s the big issue about see someone naked? We all get naked,we all have the same parts,we’re just not all celebrities. I think we all should just get naked, strike a pose and post them to our social profiles…..then it won’t be such an issue.

  • Dunbar Tarmin

    So when do we get to see the proof of this claim?
    - it’s here yo

  • Arios316

    This is the best thing for her career. She’s super hot!

  • Davemiller

    she has nothing to be ashamed of she’s beautiful her butt is beautiful her breast her whole body is perfect what ever she is thingking she should be proud of herself

  • Johnzoomer

    hello scarlett i like your body i want to sleep with you naked i’m here living in brazil i’m 12 years old LOL i really like to hold your breast

  • Donald

    She’s Marilyn Monroe reborn, the latest Marilyn movie was miscast, Scarlett should have gotten that role.

  • Indawell2000

    I would eat every inch of her!!!!

  • Starzuncut

    wow…!!   I thought u were much more attractive and sexier

  • jack

    what a hot woman

  • Lawhun

    Oh my gosh…I would blow the biggest load ever…right into her…hair

  • loser

    she has a fine azz

  • Aylakellar

    You guys are all pathetic. I feel that the public should stop going through the stars personal business. i also feel that posting this very personal photos to a website for all to view is uncalled for. Yes, Scarlett has a very nice body and is very beautiful. You all should drool over her face, not her nude body. This a a disgrace to the public. 

  • Matt Vocal


  • Guest2120

    Nice I’d do her in the bum!

  • Bairdelectronics

    if anyone talking shit here that says shes not hot were to ever have an opportunity to fuck her, u can guarantee evryone running their mouth bout her would most definetly take that chance

  • Concrete6119

    she is a very beautiful women in the top ten  there is nothing wrong with her face or body  &  you are right they are  very classy & tasteful pic   now the  ice is broken  maybe she  would think of doing  playboy   maybe a good idiea  i get  10% for my idiea scarlett so dont forget me  or 5%  to be at the pic shoot  well i will stop  dreaming now you  are very beauiful those pic nothing to  be ashame  of  good luck bob

  • Charlybelvedere

    Would have cool If she was finger fucking herself

  • Viltaic

    beautiful and tasteful, actually. 

  • The_lapster

    isn’t it funny they call this a scandal uyet in most placeds they would call it art

  • Carlweitzjr

    She is the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

  • Sazneo

    she’s beautiful – it’s not trashy at all but elegant in a way haha.


    jizz in my pants..

  • Todgeman

    Those pics are awesome and she’s so hot!

  • Biggie101

    Yo her ass is just fantastic I just wanna grab the shit out of it…..

  • 10″wonderland

    for anyone who says shes not that hot…what are you doin on the internet looking for leaked scar jo pics?…you cant tell me that you wouldnt pound it till you broke it off inside…not that hot pffft, no one on this post has ever had strange worth millions troll

  • louie luv’s u Huge ….

    I’ll be hot huckleberry (in my dreams)…
    Luv u Scarlett…

  • louie luv’s u Huge ….

    Scarlett,so very Bella,so very devine,you are a angelio…

  • Mortinbitch123

    Girl you are fine as fuck i would tear that shit up

  • Jose Sinclair

    big whoop.. so a little bare butt and one tit?? good grief, check out Amanda Seyfried naked in Chloe, and on top of a naked Julianne Moore

  • jueblvbswe

    i love her fucking boobes and her amazing bod

  • BadBoy

    u guys just do not get it!It was WRONG to steal her pics and post them!

  • Anonymous

    hotter than hell, anyone who disagrees like dicks in the ass, she is just hott

  • Nagaman98

    I love how hese poets turned into people bashing on eachother

  • Nagaman98

    *these, posts*

  • kaleb

    mmm yummy tits honey

  • Revid Navak

    She supposedly has herpes from Derek Jeter!

  • thunda31

    Wow guys y’all fuck up

  • Izzyman

    Is this all that was leaked

  • Keith

    She clearly wants me to eat her pumkin pie all night long……She is so hot, and the next time she takes a pic it wil be one of us laying on her bed ;) I wish. But really she is a natural beaty