Criss Angel Engaged


Hey Starz

I just wanted to congratulate the magical Criss Angel on his engagement!

The big-shot illusionist is going to wed his girlfriend Sandra Gonzales. In the meantime, she gets to wear a snazzy 5-carot ring!

I wonder if he’ll do some trippy effect at the ceremony…the guy who weds them will disappear right after he says “man and wife” or something awesome like that…

Or maybe they’ll fly away to the moon together…

Criss Angel could make it happen!

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  • Jenna Oshrin

    Criss Angel became a complete bore since dating that 21 year old kid Sandra.  I can’t believe he is even thinking about marrying that girl.

    What a boring couple they are.  Sandra has always been boring on Mindfreak and I think she turned Criss Angel into a boring person.

    Hope you have a boring life together.

  • Sondra

    I am very happy for Criss Angel and Sandra. I think they make an awesome couple!! They are very happy together and others are just jealous cause of their happiness. I say if you don’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say shit at all people. It’s people like you that need to get a life and get a fuckin boyfriend!!!! I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT ANYONE SAYS OR THINKS OF ME CAUSE YOU ALL DON’T FUCKIN MATTER TO ME AND ARE NOT IMPORTANT TO ME EITHER!!!!! YOU ALL DON’T KNOW ME SO TALK ALL THE FUCKIN SORRY ASS NEGATIVE THINGS YOU WANNA TALK CAUSE THEY ARE JUST WORDS THAT AREN’T IMPORTANT AT ALL.   YOU ALL SHOULD KEEP YOUR FUCKIN MOUTH SHUT IF YOU AREN’T GOING TO SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT CRISS AND SANDRA. THEY ARE HAPPY IN LOVE SO LET THEM BE!!!!!!