Ashton Kutcher’s Mistress Sara Leal


StarzUncut love the site, I just heard that the Two and A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher has been cheating on wife Demi Moore with numerous girls. So sad they were just approaching their sixth year wedding anniversary.

Ashton is half her age has looks that could kill, I saw this one coming from miles away.

Demi thats what happens when you marry someone young enough to be your kid.

Ashton’s mistress was a girl from San Diego that graduated from Texas A&M, her name is Sara Leal. She is pretty, but no Demi Moore.

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  • guest

    thats a photoshop

    • Guest

      thats not even a good photoshop

      • guest

        thats a horrid photoshop

  • Teach

    anyway good try.. they look good together..cant blame Ashton…

  • wille”g”money

    23>48 no contest

  • E_teeuwen512

    his head is to small for his body….

  • Eric Correa

    word… this site is bullshit… this is real to u but taylor swift nudey booty is fake… lmao get a life