Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Getting Divorced


OMG, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have just announced that they are ending their six year marriage and getting a divorce, due to Ashton’s infidelity within his marriage.

So sad it ended this way. :(

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  • Suzieaqt

    what did she expect date your age

  • Oceguera4

    Stop focusing at the age difference. People should take responsibility for their mistakes. If you don’t care for someone anymore let them know don’t hurt and humiliate them.

  • Sirenbliss

    this had nothing to do with age; gees some people are so judgemental; it could have worked if they were the right match; my parents were 10 years apart in age- my mother being 10 years older; they were married 46 years and died 6 months apart from each other, unable to live without each other.

    • Mark

      I know that this had nothing to do with age. But people make those comments.

  • Anonymous

    Here come de judge. That’s right, I’m judgemental. Hollywood’s elite have long held the opinion that normal mores and values dont apply to them. It’s all a bunch of crapola. You’d think Americans would get off the sauce of celebrity worship long enough to realize that a mere six hundred years ago celebreties would have been court jesters, clowns, and traveling minstrils. No castles for them. But hey, this is America. You can promote and prostitute your life to the adoring throng the Romans called the mob.

    I could begin a list of Hollywood celebs who think because they made it in the film or TV industry, the automatically have a brain. The list however would just go on and on and on….

  • Jeff Scott

    She is HOT as fuck. For her age? I guess everyone who is divorced files under “age difference” right? Most divorces are people close in age so what does that say about theories regarding their age difference? It says STFU….LOL