More Pictures Of Ashton’s Mistress Sara Leal






I came across more Sara Leal pictures who is the girl Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore with. Even though she is a total b**ch and a home wrecker, I have to admit she is pretty hot.

Anyways I also came across more details about the infamous hook up. It all went down in Ashton’s room at the Hardrock Hotel in San Diego Saturday morning around 4am. At that time they must have been WASTED!

Things have gotten so crazy for Sara Leal in the past couple of hours she has deleted her FaceBook profile.

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  • Anonymous


  • Palmen80

    Horney for money!

  • Palmen80

    Horny is the word :-)

  • King Douche

    Yum. I can see why. Total hottie.

  • Hi Mila

    whore. hope her family is proud that she’s a home wrecking snake. Good job ashton. you are one seriously pitiful human being. i hope the next girl you date will treat you like scum and cheat on you, break your heart and then and then deny all of it.actually you should remain alone and lonely forever. try eating them cakes. loser