Celebrity Cell Phone Hacker Arrested


Yo StarzUncut,

The dude who hacked celebrities cell phones and leaked their nude photos was just arrested by the FBI. He’s a man from Florida who was supposedly working by himself and didn’t even make any money off the pics. I guess he did it for the thrill… I know if that were me I would of at least tried to make some cash off the whole thing.

Anyways, now he’s in jail and facing the consequences. The still haven’t released his name but I’m sure he’s going to be in BIG trouble.

I’m kind of bummed, I mean now who’s gonna leak the nude celeb photos? If it weren’t for him we would have never seen Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, and other famous people naked.

Some tech company will probably give him a job after he gets out. -StarzUncut

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