Chuck Liddell Wasted In Hawaii






USER SUBMISSION: I used to date the UFC former light heavyweight champion Chuck the Iceman Liddell. Here we are on vacation at the beautiful Oahu Island in Hawaii.

One of the nights we pre gamed and took shots in our hotel room, then Chuck got a little out of control in the lobby and went sliding down the escalator.

Later in the limo on the way to the club things got a little hot and heavy. After that let’s just say it was a long night from what I remember… lol

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  • Rp

    You can see he did it for fun, he is sliding down between the escalators.  I have though about doing that myself.

  • Tyrone Washington

    Chuck was not wasted or drunk. He was just having some fun. If he is ever seen with one of the Williams tennis-playing sisters, then you will know he is really drunk and wasted.