Lindsay Lohan Screws Up AGAIN!


Wow, Lindsay Lohan almost made it 24 hours without f*$king up again. You would have thought the judge would have knocked some sense into her after her court appearance yesterday.

Lindsay was ordered to complete 16 hours of community service at the county morgue before her next court date on November 2nd. Today she showed up 40 minutes late so the Coroner’s Office turned her away and removed her from the program. They’re also going to notify the Probation’s Volunteer Center of what happened.

UPDATE: Lindsay dodged another bullet and the morgue will allow her to show up tomorrow. Her excuse was that she was late because of “a combination of not knowing what entrance to go through and confusion caused by the media waiting for her arrival.” We will have to wait and see what Judge Sautner has to say about the whole situation.

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