Amy Winehouse Cause Of Death Alcohol Poisoning

amy- winehouse-death-photos

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Amy Winehouse‘s cause of death was apparently from alcohol poisoning, says the coroner. A lot of people had assumed it would’ve been drugs or the fact that she wasn’t using drugs, which messed her body up more.

But alcohol poisoning sounds like the conclusive fact. As curious as I was to know what it was, it’s still a sad story.

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  • Volcomchk84

    This is entirely incorrect. She died because she quit drinking cold turkey. When someone is an addict, their body becomes used to whatever substance they are abusing, thus, it becomes dependent on it. Instead of seeking rehabilitation and weaning herself off of alcohol, she stopped drinking instantly. It would be almost the same thing as if you stopped eating. Your body would slowly shut down, resulting in death.

    • Anonymous

      My bad, had the wrong sources. Im an idiot.