Halloween Costumes Of Fans Dressed Up As Celebrities

Well Halloween is finally over. There were a lot of great costumes this year including many fans who dressed up as their favorite celebrities. Here are some fan submitted photos from Halloween 2011.


Arnold Schwarzenegger showing off his guns.


Demi Lovato with her friend who’s dressed “Like A Boss” as Rick Ross.


Here’s a fan dressed up as the Jersey Shore guidette Snooki.


Skimpy outfit and she’s drinking… I think she has the perfect Paris Hilton costume.


Johnny Depp fan dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean.


The East Vs. West coast rival is back with the re-birth or Biggie Smalls and Tupac.


Ashley Tisdale couldn’t hang out with Justin Bieber on Halloween so she decided to hang out with someone who looked just like him.


Not only does this guy look just like Tom Cruise, he even has the Scientology book!

We can’t wait for another fun filled Halloween next year! -StarzUncut

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