Jennifer Lopez New Boyfriend Backup Dancer Casper Smart


It has been reported that Jennifer Lopez has been flirting and hanging out with her new boyfriend backup dancer Casper Smart who is 24.

I really don’t know what to think of this guy Casper and his intentions with my girl Ms. Lopez, he is probably in this relationship to promote himself and his career. What could she possibly see in this douche.

Talk about robbing the cradle! What a lucky guy, I wonder what Marc Anthony thinks about this?

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  • Guest

    Total Douchebag!

  • Very jelaous

    Such an ugly gay, I bet I could even get JLo between the sheets;-)

  • Justagirl

    He’s SO FUGLY!!! So goofy looking…just a rebound to get her mind off Marc but definitely NO staying power. Enjoy your free ride clown face, but it’s going to be a short ride.