Tyrese Gibson At The Grove


Celeb: Tyrese Gibson
Where: The Grove in Los Angeles
When: October 6th 2011

I heard that Tyrese Gibson was going to be at the Grove taping for “Extra.” for his new movie release “Fast Five.” I wanted to see him so bad. I thought even if i just got a little glance at him i would be happy. But what i got was much better. There weren’t too many people there. So i went over in the croud to get a better look at him. He was so much hotter in person. I couldn’t believe that i was right there so close to him. I tried to get as many pictures as possible. I got really lucky. I got there right before he was about to leave. As soon as he was leaving i walked in front of him to get a good pic of that gorgeous face. I would have loved to talk to him, but i was lucky enough to have even see him in person.

The rest of the day i just couldn’t believe that i actually got to see him. It’s made me relize that celebrities are people just like us. I went home and told people at my work that i got to see him. I just couldn’t stop talking about it. They said i was star struck. Yup! I’ll take that. I was definitely star struck. I’ll never forget that day!

Oh and i even had a dream of him that night. Crazy!!

Cool story! What did you think of Fast Five? -StarzUncut

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