Mariah Yeater Text Messages Leaked. Justin Bieber Is NOT The Father!


Well it looks like Mariah Yeater has some explaining to do.

Text messages were leaked saying how she knew Justin Bieber is NOT the father of her baby and that she made the whole thing up. She tried to have her friend delete the messages but he did the right thing and exposed her.

The messages were also shared with Bieber’s lawyers who say “There have been no settlement discussions and there never will be.”

It looks like this whole Justin Bieber baby mama drama is finally over with… or is it?

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  • Guest

    I’m not surprised at all! She had lying written all over her!

  • henrik

    bieber in an ass

    • Guesttoo

      your an ass(:

    • Cattlopez21

      Why? Just becuz’ hes not a dad? oh yeah hes a real ass! FUNNY!

  • Frozencharlotte

    Of course, this couldn’t possibly faked. *eye roll* you think people are really stupid enough to blindly believe an easily photoshopped pic? Get over yourself.

  • Cattlopez21