Miley Cyrus Admits She Smokes ‘Way Too Much F***in Weed’


Below is a video where pop star Miley Cyrus admits she’s a total pothead and says she smokes way too much Fu**in weed!

This all went down at Miley’s private 19th birthday bash at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Check out the video…

So funny towards the end you could hear her friend and bad influence Kelly Osbourne say “I thought salvia was your problem, man?”

Miley is full of bs and now the whole world knows what she was really smoking. She has no shame admitting this with her mother, Tish, and father, Billy Ray Cyrus, in attendance at the birthday bash or maybe she was just high as a kite and simply forgot.

Who would have ever thought Hannah Montana was a pothead. -StarzUncut

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  • Doublell

    What a sexy ass PH

  • Tatiana Weasley

    LMAO are yall really that STUPID? She was JOKING. Lord yall will believe anything. Smh

  • Kaja Lenart

    you are HATERS gooo somevere this is a stupet page miley just wont some space if u dont wont too see hte thing she dose just dont look and oersents and isters u are hte ones who shut teel the line what you kid can and what she can miley isnt a parent of your kids she just works four them by singing and acting her private lifeisnt your bisns and she is young she is jocking finaly howin fun she is just 19 WHAT ABAUT YOU NEVER HOW FUN HATERS ARE YOU PRFECFT go somevere