Lady Gaga Goes Naked In New Music Video ‘Marry The Night’


Lady Gaga is at it again. Her new controversial music video “Marry the Night” features the music star pouring Cheerios all over her nude body while she’s going crazy in a room. Gaga is always doing weird stuff so this video isn’t really a surprise to us.

Gaga’s rep says she’s just expressing her passion in a different way. The video may be a little wild but “Marry the Night” is a great song!

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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  • 94James Coleman

    Is there a version that is uncut , where you see boobs , or do all verstions have the black bars over her boobs , if so thats really WEAK

  • djkais

    songs not bad. there no uncut version of this video. its not necessary because her songs are good but shes still ugly. So I dont need to see her boobs. But its just  my opinion :)