Someone Is Leaking Nude Photos Of Shaun White


Well it looks like another celebrity has nude photos of them floating around the net. This time it’s of professional skateboarder/snowboarder Shaun White AKA The Flying Tomato. Shaun is a 2-time olympic gold medalist and has set numerous X-games records, but this time he’s part of an X-rated photo scandal.

The pictures show Shaun naked and in a sexual position with a blonde woman at a hotel party in Aspen. Things got a little out of control and some of the people in the room took photos with their camera phones. This was just before he went on to win the 2009 X-games gold medal for superpipe.

Right now the person with the photos is shopping them to the highest bidder.

(above is a pic of Shaun White at the 2009 winter X-games shortly after the photos were taken)

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