Lil Wayne Gettin Blunted in The Club


Here is a picture of rapper Lil Wayne not given a f**k and breaking his probation violation getting straight up blunted in da club. Only Lil Weezy can get away with getting crunk and puffin on a blunt in the middle of the club. You can tell by his eyes he is high as a kite.

This is a clear violation of his probation terms. I feel bad for putting Weezy on blast like this, but someones got to do it. Hopefully he will get his life together and in the long run he will thank me.

What do you mean, he looks completely sober. -StarzUncut

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  • Tredmil

    That’s so gangster!

  • tim

    Gayest self-righteous article ever. It’s dope, get over it fagz.