How Many Girls Did Kobe Bryant Cheat With? (PHOTOS)


Kobe Bryant probably cheated a sh*t load.

Just because Kobe is at the top of his game and making TONS of money, doesn’t give him the right to do whatever the hell he wants. I Hate to be the one that breaks Kobe the bad news but, Hall Pass was just a movie. KB couldn’t have possibly thought he would get away with all this cheating behind his wife’s back. I am even suprised the marriage lasted this long.

There is no denying Kobe is an amazing and talented athlete and now he could add lying cheater to the resume.

I also heard that after the 10 year mark of marriage, Vanessa would be entitled to more money after the divorce. That means she might have been trying to stick it out for a few years.

KB can’t go through life treating people this way, especially his loving wife. Now think about his kids they will have to grow up knowing their father was cheating on their mom. :(

Vanessa I wish you and the kids all the best!

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  • Will Wright

    kobe can do what the fuck he want nigga

    • Marco Songco

      Kobe has 5 rings…. The best!!

  • Ryu022

    I’ve had friends come in close contact with his wife, she is actually very mean in person. She actually threw a Jimmy Choo shoe at the salesman at one point. Being a disgruntled customer is one thing, but if you act half this way to your husband, you wouldn’t think he would cheat? I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do. But can you blame a brother? #justsayin

  • Billy Brinks

    Whoever wrote this article must be a dumb b*tch or a gay dude!