Kobe Bryant’s Wife Files For Divorce



I just found out Vanessa Laine Bryant filed for divorce today with long time husband and NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. She has stuck by kobe through thick and thin, but she has finally had enough and calls it quits.

Can you really blame her? Vanessa thinks Kobe has been sleeping around and is not been loyal as a husband. I heard they don’t have a prenup so she gets half of Kobe’s assets, yes I said half. “DAMN”

Kobe was spotted at the Jay-Z concert the other night in L.A, people that saw him said he looked miserable. Who knows if this divorce will affect his playing this year, I hope not because I am a die hard Laker fan! I wonder if he will try to get back the $4 million ring he gave her in 2003 during the Denver scandal?

Picture Kobe a single man. -StarzUncut


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