SPOTTED: Kobe Bryant After Cheating Scandal (PHOTOS)


USER SUBMISSION: So I was out with a couple of friends getting drinks, enjoying our sunday funday on the patio @ Las Brisas in Laguna Beach, CA. Out of nowhere a white Bentley GT pulls up to the valet and Kobe Bryant gets out! He was with some middle eastern guy, who I have never seen before.

Let me tell you he looked sad as hell, I don’t think I saw him smile one time. This whole scandal must be getting to him.

I was shocked he would show up in a public place at a time like this. I was able to snap this photo when the valet pulled up his car when he was leaving.

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  • Greekyaya68

    Kobe didn’t upgrade he downgrade foul foul

  • Guest

    I also saw Kobe @ Fashion Island the other day, he was with his wife and kids.

  • GEsposito

    well that jessica burciaga porn girl has been around.. shes having an affair with Erik Delux that dj from power 106 

    • Kobebryant247

      is Erik Delux married? if so she sounds like a total home wrecker, do you have proof shes having affair?