Madonna’s New 2012 Album Leaked


Starzuncut, I just came across this leaked photo of Madonna‘s new album titled LUV and here’s the tracklist…

1. Trust
2. Dangerous Faith
3. Sitting on the Whole World
4. Turn Up the Radio
5. Waving with the Crowd
6. Suspended to the Light
7. Gimme All Your Luvin’
8. Crossed Fingers
9. Birthday Song
10. Reason & Passion
11. Masterpiece
12. Solar Salvation
13. The Darkness Void
14. Revelation

I am so freakin excited to get my hands on this amazing album. The record labels can’t be to happy about this hitting the web before the album is released to the public. You have to wonder who leaked it?

Oh well, it’s Madonna how mad could they be. -StarzUncut

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  • Samantha

    I think track 2 is not Dangerous Faith, but Dangerous Path

  • Samantha

    @StarzUncut:disqus: track 2 isn’t Dangerous Faith, but Dangerous Path!!! #Madonna’sNew2012AlbumLeaked