Sneak Peak Of Jersey Shore Season 5

Get ready to get your GTL on because the new season on Jersey Shore is right around the corner!

Season 5 premiers on Thursday at 10:00pm and will feature plenty of fist pumping, drunken fights, and tons of drama around the shore.

Here’s a sneak peak for those that can’t wait to see their favorite guidos and guidettes.

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  • Sharster

    I really can not believe Jersey Shore
    is back! I am so happy, I missed the shore house. Snooki from what I have
    recently seen looks great and there is no way I am missing tonight’s show even
    if I am working late at DISH. Good thing I have DISH Online so if I do fall
    behind I can watch all my channels even my DVR events right on my PC. But
    really this is Jersey
    Shore, so I doubt I would
    get behind. I can’t wait for tonight, I am counting down.