Kim Kardashian On The Cover Of Success Magazine


Hey StarzUncut,

Can you believe they put Kim Kardashian on the cover of Success Magazine?!?! There’s no doubt she’s made a killing off her reality shows and other crap she has going on, but it’s not like she had to struggle to get where she is now. All she did was make a sex tape (which I hear her mom advised her to do in the first place), film a reality show, and slap her name on a bunch of stupid products.

Why don’t they feature people in that magazine who actually had to make sacrifice and put in hard work to become successful?

Kim is just as fake as her stupid reality shows. She’ll do anything for money, including get married then divorced after a couple months… I mean who does that? I actually feel bad for Kris Humphries, but then again it probably worked out better for him since he doesn’t have to deal with her anymore.

Becoming famous for being famous takes a lot of hard work. -StarzUncut

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