Paparazzi Suing Lindsay Lohan


Hey StarzUncut,

I totally understand why you hate the paparazzi so much! Some idiot was standing in front of Lindsay Lohan‘s car while she was leaving a club and is claiming he injured his hand when the vehicle was driving away. Hey genius, if you don’t want to get your hand hit DON’T STAND IN FRONT OF A MOVING VEHICLE WITH YOUR ARM OUT!

He’s trying to sue Lindsay even after she already made him an offer. Oh yea, Lindsay wasn’t even driving the car, it was her assistant. There’s a video and you can see it’s obvious he wasn’t injured.

I understand people have to make a living but these stalkerazzis take it way to far. Hopefully this scumbag doesn’t get a cent from her!

Typical pap, faking an injury in hopes of a big payday. -StarzUncut

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