Lamar Odom Cheating On Khloe With A Stripper?


USER SUBMISSION: Whattup Uncut, Lamar Odom got busted @ a strip club earlier this week, lets just say it’s not the first time he’s been hanging out with strippers since his marriage to Khloe kardashian.

Lamar loves the strippers, he gets down at the clubs. One of my former girlfriends is seen here getting up close and personal with Odom. They have been hanging out a whole lot.

This isn’t a girl you would bring home to mom and dad.

Khloe has been having one hell of a week. First, allegations surfaced that the reality star may not indeed be a Kardashian, now this. -StarzUncut

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  • Misssoaps4684

    I thought ya’ll were da perfect couple what happen lamar? You got da best sister out of all three of them. Get your head right.

  • april

    Lamar I know you cant really be that damn stupid to be messing over ur wife thats just not right, Khole is the only kardashian girl thats going to keep it real and u know that

  • Paul

    lamar wins teh douchebag award. dude, you have got to be kidding. khloe is one of the better girls to be with. she has never let fame get to her the way it does to others. she seems like a good person. i sincerely hope you rot in agonizing hell here on earth. men and women who cheat and break marriages ought live miserable and lonely lives.

  • Eowoupele

    This is rubbish, the publisher is jes tryna spoil Khloe’s marriage and God wnt let it happen, isn’t it obvious that this pictures are old? Cnt ya’l see how dry he looks here compared to now that Khloe takes proper care of him! Dis pix am sure is definitely b4 hez marriage to khloe! Plus why will he be so dumb to take such pictures knowing it will end up on the internet. All those blood suckers trying to scatter happy homes and families God will scatter urz dats if u even have any. Ya’l will face the wrath of God

    • Mrs. Realistic

      I totally agree… The pictures does look old

      • Joshua Eden

        Even if that is the case, he’s still in hot water; he’d be betraying Liza Morales. She was the mother of his children and he treaded her like a piece of GARBAGE!!!! Shame on you Lamar!

    • Joshua Eden

      How do we know he even cares? I don’t really think the pictures look that old.

    • Joshua Eden

      More on what I just said… Lamar probably is not afraid of the pictures appearing on the Internet, knowing that Khloé keeps living in denial about his affairs.

  • Oceansprayahh

    is he really a loser? i hate wen girls r so stupid. khloe, u cuda done better. Fish for them men, not the boys. Let me take u out and treat u better than that asshole ever could.

  • Mrs. Realistic

    This picture has to be at least 3 or 4 years old…. Seriously

    • Joshua Eden

      I don’t know about that.

  • Johnp1221

    Who cares? The Kardashians are pigs.