Steven Tyler Sings Horrible National Anthem


Steven Tyler just sang the worst National Anthem I have ever heard. He sounded like my little sister singing in front of the mirror.

This was hard to watch, at one point the crowd started booing. This is the same guy thats a judge on American Idol. If he performed this as a contestant on AI, first Randy would have laughed his ass off then they would have sent him packin.

Let’s just say this wasn’t his best performance. -StarzUncut

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  • Yoramayalon

    i called BS! i thought this was beautiful – the man gave 100% of himself to sing a very difficult song, my wife and I both cheered wildly, and i thoight this was the reaction of the fans. maybe not classroom execution, but awsome never the less

    • Momzill

      I thought he did a good job too. That was his style of singing. I thought the crowd was rude!

  • Bob

    first half was completly awful!   any no singer could have done better for the first half the song.  

  • Ace Wilcox

    I Think He Did a Heck of alot Better Job Than Christina Aguilera Did, Hands Down.