“Arrest Those Justin Bieber Fans!” – Old Man


: Justin Bieber fans are in trouble! After all the screaming and crazy stunts, Biebbettes are now banned for disturbing a peaceful community within Justin Bieber’s recording studio. Recently, a crowd goes wild when they spot their hero on his skateboard, shirtless!The fans were also reported to cause about $10,000 worth of damages to the properties. This called the attention of an old man, who happened to be the owner of the recording studio.

The old man asked for security’s help and wanted to have these Bieber fans arrested! However, the security refused to take these obsessed Biebettes and just told them to stay away from the property and be quiet.

Dying to see their dear Biebs, Biebettes promised not to scream “TOO MUCH.”

Justin Bieber! What have you done to these kids? – StarzUncut

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