Blue Ivy Carter: How People Reacted After Seeing Her Photos Yesterday


Blue Ivy is definitely the most famous newborn baby today! After Beyonce gave birth to her daughter, issues and speculations filled the worldwide web. And now that they showed off some of their baby’s pictures, can someone say that she is an illuminati?

After seeing baby Blue Ivy, a lot of people fell in love with her beautiful angelic face. She got Beyonce’s eyes and lips while her hair and nose are same with Jay z‘s. I’m sure these pictures will kill most of the crazy speculations against the lil’ child. C’mon people, she’s just an innocent and adorable baby!

Such an adorable angel! – StarzUncut

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  • Cristina Danois

    That baby is ugly and yes I still believe that Jay z is in the iluminati. 

    • Buttbutt

      Y0U MUST NOT HAVE LOOKED AT YOUR BABY …. U.G.L.Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angelartatum

    the baby is beatiful , and who are we to judge anyone. the bible clearly state judge not lease we be judge.

  • Jalissabrownlee

    that baby is so pretty omg!!!!!