Justin Bieber Now Hates Beavers!


StarzUncut Fan: Wow! This is really hilarious! So I’ve learned that Justin Bieber is now pissed because of a beaver. Why? Well, they said it’s because of RC3, a company that created a mobile application called, Joustin Beaver!

The beaver definitely look like Biebs! That’s why, Justin Bieber’s lawyers are now working on that! They want the application out of the market. They also want revenues for the money collected from the application.

However, the company is trying to keep the application. They will continue to sell the Joustin Beaver app because they claimed that it’s a parody. Therefore, they are protected by the constitution.

Well, honestly, I love the company’s creativity! Biebs should be flattered not mad!

Yes, very creative and Hilarious.. indeed! – StarzUncut

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