Ryan Seacrest Is The Ladies Man!

Ryan Seacrest Getting A Kiss From 2 Girls

User Submission: I told you I kissed Ryan Seacrest and here is the proof. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them.

We were backstage at a kiss fm event getting to know Ryan. He is genuinely a really nice guy and lets not forget really tiny. He is really short in person.

Wow, Seacrest gets around. -StarzUncut

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  • Crissi

    uhh which 1?

  • Davis99

    WOW Seacrest your caught red handed!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Ricotter74 Ric Cotter

    Someone acts like he’s making out w/them. What would anybody have done? Personally , if I were in a relationship. I’d took them home to ax (ask) for permission. Mmm.. does that count as cheating?

  • Mudkip

    Wow, he is a dooooooosh!

  • Joe

    he is gay!