Met Channing Tatum On The Street In New York

USER SUBMISSION: I live in New York and was walking to my friends house and bumped into Channing Tatum on the street. He has acted in a few movies that are my favs, and I even told him how great he was in the movie “Dear John”. I called my friiend who is a more die hard fan than I am and told her that I was standing next to Channing Tatum, she didn’t believe me so I gave him the phone and he had a full conversation with her. He was also nice enough to take a picture with me and a sign an autograph for my friend.

I asked him what movie that he is going to do after “21 Jump Street” but he told me he couldn’t say. Whatever kind of movies he does in the future, I’m a fan for life! Channing is a true gentlemen!!

Very cool, Channing is a great actor! -StarzUncut

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  • Frack12883

    Where exactly did u see him? Was he just walking the streets or was he leaving a hotel?