Ashton Kutcher Will Portray Steve Jobs In A Film Called “Jobs”


StarsUncut Fan: Oh My God! Hey Starzuncut, I have been your reader since day one and I am really glad to share my stories with you. Anyway, I’ve heard that Ashton Kutcher will play Steve Jobs on their new Indie Film called “Jobs.”

I have read that this film will cover Steve’s venture on his way up and it was actually during his early years. That’s why I think that this role will surely fit Ashton Kutcher.

On the other hand, Sony Pictures will also release their version of Steve Jobs’ movie. I don’t have any idea who will act as Jobs but I do hope that they will cover his life beyond success.

What do you think Starzuncut, Is Ashton the perfect steve Jobs?

Ashton will surely give justice to this role. -StarzUncut

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