Justin Bieber Working ON A Collab With One Direction?


StarzUncut Fan: Hey Uncut!I was really happy to know that Justin Bieber and One Direction will work on a collaboration song. I’m a proud Bieber fan and I admit that the boys of One Direction are also cool and charming. I was very happy when I heard that they are working together.

But sad to say, that this is not true! Niall Horan and Liam Payne tweeted posts about Justin’s Believe album so we all thought that they are doing something cool. However, I’ve read that they were just hanging out at One Direction’s studio, listening to Bieb’s album.

Oh well, I do hope that they will consider making a project together. Fans would love to hear songs from them!

A collaboration with One Direction will surely gonna make Bieber fans crazy as hell! – StarzUncut

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  • One DIrection&Jb.LoveYou xx

    omgooood! im a bigbigbigbig belieber and a directioneeerrr!! love you guys more than i love my life … ;s (l)(l)(l)(l)(l)(l)

  • Laeticia Etse


  • alejandra

    oo no is the catastrofe o no niñas BELIEBERS ok is a liindo que sean frriend am lo sinte no hablo tamto espanoll

  • alejandra


    <3 <3